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On the Boorse account of disease, which Norman Daniels continues to endorse, homosexuality is a disease. That would be true, if rape was exclusively about sexual desire and the only type of rape was penile-insertive. InJohn Money became the first American to employ chemical castration by prescribing medroxyprogesterone acetate MPA, the base ingredient now used in DMPA as a treatment for a patient dealing with pedophilic urges. Salon Media Group. However, if the underlying reason for that misconduct is a misguided belief brought about by religious indoctrination it goes some way to showing why the knowledge, skill, or judgement possessed was so markedly different from standard practice. The legislation defines unsatisfactory professional conduct as:.

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In a number of states in the US, pedophiles may receive reduced sentences in exchange for chemical castration.

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Historically homosexuals were included as "extreme sex offenders" and have been subject to this punishment, because apparently entertainment options were more limited back then. The mechanics become a bit more complicated and sexual options are much more limited, but not eliminated entirely. His background is in public health and sex work, and his special interests include health, gender and travel.

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ABC News.

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