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Please be respectful and tasteful with photographs of LGBT students and make decisions about their inclusion based on the same guidelines you would for all students. I am so excited! Clark noted that cases can be trickier where private and religious schools are concerned. If the people who have the problem [with the dress code or behavior] are the ones causing the disruption, the law is also pretty clear on that, too: Asian Voices. Finally you can contact the ACLU, a legal organization which has fought cases like this on behalf of teens around the country. Or at least, with all of the pressure that surrounds the day and its medley of traditions, it seems like it is.

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They didn't even have the energy to judge me or my prom date.

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Several high-profile stories of LGBT youth at prom have gained national attention in recent years. How would you describe your personal style? If they do, it's their night that they are spoiling, not yours!

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If you don't want your parents to know, you can say she is coming to support you as a friend.

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