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Share on Twitter twitter. Taking it to the dancefloor. Windy City Times took part in a recent press conference that featured Tyler. I've got three daughters and a beautiful son and I live through female through my fashions, my hair, and the way I dress. Create an account to gain access to more nzherald. Aerosmith plans a farewell tour inbut first he heads out on his own for his Out on a Limb Tour.

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Her career began in with writing songs for the

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Steven Tyler Admits He Tried Gay Sex But ‘Didn’t Dig It’

Yes, I loved him. Please do not post letters to the editor here. If you need to be mean, just know that the longer you stay on this page, the more you help us. They're out of their mind at American Idol for letting him go. Nine year olds are singing about bikini bottoms. So I dress to fit the vibe and "sting like a bee," did he say, and "fly like a butterfly" and all that great stuff.

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Among the revelations in Steven Tyler's new autobiography, the 63 year old Aerosmith frontman and ' American Idol ' judge reveals that he once experimented with gay sex but "just didn't dig it. Computers Want Me Dead: Randy Jackson is such a great TV personality. I loved being next to her and feeling her love. In fact, being a male, I've got percent feminine in me that I live through, you know.

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