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The first essay "Tristes Tropiques"--an ode to complex, romantic friendship--was so gorgeous and arresting; it's one of the best things I've read all year. So like, I get what Als is doing and why its appealing to highbrow cultural critics but it doesn't appeal to me. Als deals with famous figures Eminem, Michael Jackson, Malcolm X, Truman Capote, and most in-depthly, Richard Pryor through the lens of gender, sexuality and race - most often using each lens to draw a further microscopic view on the other. Thanks for visiting. Monday, May 27, Reprise Review: An old proverb goes: Most books make a contract with the reader, but Hilton Als knows that to read without a contract is the best way to discover new shades of thought.

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And here I'll turn it over to Roxane Gay, whose review quote was the one I turned to when other folks asked me about the book:

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Can such a long-lived comic — with so many interpretations under its collective belt — hope to please an equally diverse fanbase? Judi Moore. In a word, important. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Friday, June 7, Reprise Review:

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