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His body was tense, and shaking when I finally let up. I kept the smile on my face as Gil went into a rage calling me every kind of faggot he could, tossing, turning, and making me want him more than ever! Nuts are a great place to start when your blowing a dick. Images of those little man tits ran through my mind as I worked my way down his neck, leaving a trail of hickeys for him to explain to his run away bride. I felt his hard tip throb against mine. Great drops of semen and pre-come fell onto the towel as he peeled my skin back, and he dipped a finger into it and tasted it with a smile.

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Gil would have some explaining to do when the missing wife returned

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Docking With Bill

I figure I'll show him one or two of my favorite tricks next time out! I felt the wetness seeping from his tip, lubricating the two heads and the enveloping foreskin. Today was docking day. Bill's cock-head was purplish-gray, mine was deep purple, and Fred's was reddish. This often happened to me during a particularly intense orgasm, when my tip would get so sensitive that I'd have to stop stroking. I grasped the edges of my foreskin between two fingertips and eased it forward.

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Now my entire prick was tingling and I knew I was close. We disengaged almost gingerly, and he apologized, saying that his dick was very sensitive after he shot off. My prick was rock-hard, ready to pop, and I consciously relaxed my muscles to avoid going over the edge. You will receive more free stories, so use your real email address. Gil spit on me again, he cussed even worse then before. I wanted Gil to see what was about to cause him a dick head ache.

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