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Jacey Hoffman from St. Reed Wetmore from Andover, Mass. The acceptance received while transitioning on the job directly impacted my confidence and helped me find my voice. Elissa Levin Davis from Plymouth, Mass. Dee Omalley from Pasadena, Calif. Andrew Peterson from Missoula, Mont.

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I was afraid of what would happen to my career; and at heart I was embarrassed.

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As a transgender parent, I am required to think "outside the box" on a fairly regular basis. There is a long path ahead, and we walk it not just for us, but for all those who will come after us; so they don't have to suffer as we did. As a child, when I first learned the concept of 'God' I would pray every night that I would wake up with a male body. Years passed and I met more transgender people, some of whom became best friends.

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Legal Secretary.

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