I am gay with my dad

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At the moment we have agreed to be monogamous. My first love was a skateboarder who played Casper in the movie Kids. There had been signs all along, of course -- I realize that now. It sounds as if you are the more mature of the two of you. He was troubled, and I wanted desperately to fix him.

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It took me a long time to realise why I hate myself, the book "The Velvet Rage" really helped me understand why, I highly recommend it

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I Am Blessed to Have a Gay Father and a Lesbian Mother

My parents separated when I was still in elementary school. Sex and sexuality are incredibly complex. He was my dad, married to my mom for 25 years. Many gay men are going to read my response and think there is one reason only that your father has it and that is because he is a closeted gay or bisexual man. For now you may pretend to your family but here you are safe to be yourself. He's a great guy. For reprint permission, contact us.

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My wifes coming soon, so I will have to put on a fake face to hide the emptiness inside. The only way this could impact your parent's marriage is if you decide to say something to your mother once you learn your father's reason for having the app. I would say right from the outset that if you are not sure you want to know the answer then don't ask. Begin by opening up about your own life and telling him some confidences and things you don't generally share with others. There had been signs all along, of course -- I realize that now.

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