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At 20, I was still living with my parents. Quite simply, Mr. And then the layers of fat that covered his arms only hindered his mobility more. She took great care of me and was a wonderful cook, mother, and teacher. But the gaining journey is never quick.

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There was something about the baker that captivated his attention… Diego had always tried to do things in moderation, but every meeting with Hayden seemed to leave him craving more.

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His ex, Jamie, had been a nice guy, but he was obsessed with fitness and remained stubbornly thin the whole time they were together. But I felt I had to hide the part of my fantasy that was about gaining. What was I supposed to say? I could not discuss being gay, or being a gainer, with anyone, but those were two aspects that were fighting to not be a secret anymore.

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That meant Noah had to rely a lot on pushing himself with his arms, which presented its own problems.

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