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While there are voices from individuals in the Toronto Jewish community who may claim this hurtful, I too am the Toronto Jewish community. Queers welcome aboard aid shipsHa'aretz, June 30, You cannot single out Pride, Councilor Pasternak. They include setting up a dispute resolution panel that will take responsibility for deciding who marches in the parade. I am deeply offended. Blog at WordPress.

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As this crisis hit, it soon became obvious that the culture of shame that dominated at the time was killing people; it was killing the queer community, it was killing our friends and members of our families.

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From South Africa to Israel". Toronto StarApril 15, Electronic IntifadaJuly 1,

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That experience significantly altered my perception of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as historical processes of colonialism more generally, and since then I have seldom revealed to an acquaintance that I am Jewish without also adding that I am an anti-Zionist.

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