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Charles E. Mothers who are emotionally distant or unpredictable can cause their children to grow up unable to emotionally regulate themselves and interact in healthy ways with others. Precisely to a point that most of thus are no more able to behave naturally in front of babies, or rather are able not to do it, even coerced by our own conditioning acquired from early infancy. In fact, I think one could make a strong case that humans are attracted to the exotic and unfamiliar. Even bonobos will fight to defend their territory. People, especially men who genuinely did not care whether one's partner had sex with other men as opposed to those who did care should on average have very short-lived genes in comparison.

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Back Get Help. A non-jealous individual can still reproduce, but an individual unafraid of poisonous snakes is much less likely to. Most surveys of these so-called "swingers" indicate that they are more satisfied with their marriages than couples in more conventional arrangments.

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