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So no. Temple Univ. Show 25 25 50 All. In the midst of the Israeliā€”Palestinian conflictIsrael has been accused of many violations of human rights against the Palestinian people, and has received an international reputation for being an imperial aggressor. I was ok with Xena being left off because while I accept her queerness as canon, I do not accept her death. Saxa from Spartacus Vengeance and War of the Damned should also be on here stabbed with sword in battle by unknown killer. Us being shinier than they are is still totally motive for their vendetta.

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But if the last few years of political upheaval have taught us anything, it is that the path to equality is rarely a linear one.

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Luce Laure in France is dead in season 2. The search for 'the right therapist' is nerve-wracking. When I have tried to explain to my straight friends why it can be so gut-wrenching to watch someone like Lexa die on-screen, I can tell that even though they try to understand and be sympathetic, they just cannot understand why watching these characters die all of the time can be so hurtful. Accidentally pushed down the stairs by the husband of her lover and father of her surrogate baby, long story.

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Stabs herself in front of her rival house, inhabited by the mother of her lover Dusty, Queer As Folk Cause of death:

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