Transsexual breast feeding

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November 13, at 5: Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer on. It's "encouraging that we can build on this anatomic homology between the genetic sexes … to help [transgender people] bring their bodies more in line with their gender. Can I Breastfeed if…? Testosterone is highly toxic to the fetus and should never be used during pregnancy. For this reason, deciding to chestfeed is a very personal choice.

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Discuss the many other ways of bonding with baby, such as bed-sharing, babywearing, and loving, attentive feeding.

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Transgender woman able to breastfeed in first documented case

This is different from a mastectomy a cancer treatmentor a breast reduction, which is performed to make a smaller but still female chest. Testosterone is highly toxic to the fetus and should never be used during pregnancy. Some masculine-identified trans people use this term to describe the act of feeding their baby from their chest, regardless of whether they have had chest surgery. More research is needed to optimize treatments for transgender women who want to breast-feed, the report said. Sex Our reproductive organs and sexual anatomy define our physical sex — male, female, or intersex. Transgender Breastfeeding 20 Comments.

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Their sexual orientation refers to what kind of person they are sexually attracted to. Makes me happy and thank you for sharing: Photo used with permission. Transgender, transsexual, and genderfluid people have a gender identity or gender expression that does not match what their particular society expects of them according to their anatomy. But the new case shows that this transgender woman produced enough milk to sustain a baby for six weeks, which is "terrific," Garcia said. When assisting those who wish to chestfeed after a previous top surgery, it is essential to remember that nursing a baby is not only about the milk.

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