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In an interview with the BMJ he responded to concerns that the erectile side effects of the drug might lead pilots to reach for the wrong joy stick. In the s, "copulins" were patented as products which release human pheromones, based on research on rhesus monkeys. Add me to the weekly Newsletter. In the Wright Laboratory in Ohioa predecessor to today's United States Air Force Research Laboratoryproduced a three-page proposal on a variety of possible nonlethal chemical weapons, which was later obtained by the Sunshine Project through a Freedom of Information Act request. Previous Post.

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Heder got his hair permed the night before shooting began—but something went wrong.

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No well-controlled scientific studies have ever been published suggesting the possibility of pheromones in humans. The project, which officials say has now been scrapped, was to come up with a device to release unspecified hormones that could be absorbed through the skin or lungs, thereby incapacitating soldiers who—according to the plan—would be too busy swooning over each other in homosexual ecstasy to waste any time dashing about planting roadside bombs. Don't have an account? As the prize is organized by the Annals of Improbable Research, it seems to be an excellent home for the project, though perhaps a step down from the National Academy of Sciences.

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After reading about the theoretical gay bomb, check out the super real Bat Bomb.

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