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Landed Prop. And whether the origin of the Fa-word-meaning today comes from the burning of heretics or the belittling of women see Origins Of The Fa-Wordthere is no positive way to look at it. Another Facebook habitue observes: During the correspondence between the editors and a gay reader, the editors clarified that they would only use the word to describe a "practicing homosexual". Forgot password? I never zee such a mayde vur mischief.

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McCafferty uses the word faggot in the song "Trees" about lead singer Nick Hartkop's struggles coming to terms with his sexuality.

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Best sweeds iron in bars, english steel in small faggotsgrind stones. Not only does it show ignorance, but it also shows a concerning lack of intellect. The GOP's house faggots grab their ankles, right on cue: Archived from the original on June 5,

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Often used contemptuously.

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