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While fixing up a house in the Old Northeast, he got his real estate license and embarked on a new career as a Realtor whose specialty is working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender buyers and sellers. Since the Internet came in, there are numerous sites; if you Google "gay real estate agents'' you'll get a slew of them. Sign up for our Day Starter Newsletter Today's top headlines and information delivered to your inbox every morning. Use the same referral form and receive information from a gay mortgage broker who specializes in getting loans for individuals who are self-employed, LGBT individuals or couples, buying a condo, needing traditional or nontraditional mortgages, and more. Petersburgand they had lived in one of those new gated communities in North Tampa.

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Realtor finds a niche serving the LGBT market in Tampa Bay

They come down and I'll say, "The first day we're going to tour the town and see what neighborhoods really pull you based on price. Usually it was some place that had some architectural pizazz and interest and you could get it at a good price. Hyatt hotel coming to block next to Tampa City Hall Yesterday. I did have a couple move across the street from me in St. Today's top headlines and information delivered to your inbox every morning. Lauderdale Orlando Jacksonville Ft.

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Tampa Bay Times introducing pay meter to support local journalism 1 hour ago. A network of qualified agents can advise you on the right communities to raise your family. Are gay buyers in fact drawn to areas like that? Are there gay doctors? As a gay man practicing law in Louisville, Ky. Pete to be very accepting, and real estate provided a venue where I could be open about my lifestyle — which was a real relief — and make money at the same time," says Burton, There's an interesting national trend that the gay ghetto is dying.

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