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I then "kneel in the flame" for as long as I can, allowing the energy to fill me up. The sacred vision of sexuality is essential in every sexual practice. This practice implies a turn towards the interior, an experience of your own pleasure, not experiencing someone's idea of pleasure. If touching of your scrotum is not part of your habit, it should very well be. After several peaks of the non-ejaculatory orgasm type, you should stop. My body shakes and dances as the energy that has been stored up in my pelvis is released to the rest of my body. These Techniques can improve your sex, masturbation and sexual pleasure greatly!

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The tantric tradition includes an exercise that implies the visualization of an energetic channel connecting the genial area to the heart area, during lovemaking.

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It essentially means you are masturbating to improve yourself. I discovered that I have a deep and real feeling of love for my beloved and even for other people as well. I invite you to review the information here at my Website for details about my work and lessons. We appreciate your assistance and will use this information to improve our service to you. I am a sexuality educator and show this to many of my patients. Answer this question Suggest a question.

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I like to work with men who are interested in expanding themselves sexually, personally, and perhaps even spiritually. Learn how to circulate your erotic energy through your body and keep yourself pleasantly erotically charged for as long as you want. Please try again later. Research done by Dr. How to have fun with role-play.