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Rutgers University. Neurons of the oSDN show aromatase expression which is also smaller in male-oriented rams versus female-oriented rams, suggesting that sexual orientation is neurologically hard-wired and may be influenced by hormones. While the authors interpreted their findings as evidence for a genetic basis for homosexuality, we think that the data in fact provide strong evidence for the influence of the environmentp. University of Chicago Press. The research has some answers. Rice, et al. In the full sample they did not find linkage to Xq

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This hypothesis is an extension of the theory of kin selectionwhich was originally developed to explain apparent altruistic acts which seemed to be maladaptive.

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Horm Behav. The U. In his book, Is It a Choice?: Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing.

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Expects to improve the efficiency of treating degenerative neural disorders such

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